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Pet Insurance
The only CEO Pet Plan in town with no sublimits, 90% maximum reimbursement rate.*
Annual limit up to HK$80,000
Enroll on or before 31 Dec 2023 to enjoy 15% off your first year’s premium!
Turtle, Tortoise & Bird Insurance
Cover 68 types of birds and 53 species of turtles/tortoises
Enroll on or before 31 Dec 2023 to enjoy 30% off your first year’s premium!
 *Subject to the policy schedule.
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What kind of pet insurance are you looking for ?


Up to HKD 15 million coverage
Best Home Appliances Warranty in town covering 14 major appliances
Equal benefits for same-sex and opposite-sex marriage and domestic partnership
Loss and damage to home possessions during renovation covered
Pets Owner Third-party Liabilities Protection
Enroll on or before 31 December 2023 to enjoy 30% off your first year’s premium!
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We insure buildings aged 50 or below

Best Price
Guaranteed. Only charge 0.038% of the sum insured as premium.
Choose your own policy start date with our special 180-day extension period
Customized coverage to meet your lender’s requirements
Policy can be cancelled at any time
Enroll on or before 31 December 2023 with referral code [SUPERFIRE] to enjoy up to HKD400 supermarket voucher!
[Index] Fire
*We currently only insure residential properties.

Please confirm with your mortgage lender for the sum insured you need.

  • Sum insured from HKD 500,000 to HKD 50,000,000, with minimum premium set at HKD 400/year
  • Sum insured will be rounded up to the nearest dollar

Unlimited total no. of claims*
Cover up to 62 illnesses
No survival period
People living with HIV are equally protected

Enroll on or before 31 December 2023 to enjoy 15% off your first year’s premium!

*Only applicable to the Infinity Plan
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Smoking Habit

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Home Insurance
Our Home Insurance covers your home and also your beloved family members, children and furkids, and the inconvenience the pandemic caused.
From HKD 98 /mo
Fire Insurance
As a flat owner, do you have adequate knowledge regarding fire insurance and its coverage? We’ve got you covered—learn more now and get an instant quotation with us online!
From HKD 400 /yr
Personal Health
Everyone needs critical illness protection, we are committed to offer the most comprehensive solution to you and your family, and take care of your different health needs.
From HKD 3 /mo
Pet Insurance
Like us, our furry friends need protection too! We offer a dedicated plan to your beloved furbaby, making sure they can receive the best medical attention when needed!
From HKD 179 /mo

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